Thee Mausonic Temple is a project recording studio and live drum room in the heart of Providence. A renewed use of a raw stone room and excellent acoustic space in Olneyville with alot of local musical history. Hundreds of bands have played, and continue to practice, in this and neighboring buildings. Originally built as an industrial copper kettle room for the Roger Williams Brewery which closed @1940. The unique architecture of the studio has mixed, dense surfaces of stone, brick, steel, gypsum and concrete in a room with general dimensions of 33′ x 40′ with a 20′ ceiling. The original architects included fractal diffusion surfaces on the ceiling, corners and posts, and there are now wood and cloth structures and diffusion/absorption surfaces to further control the lively sound.

A dynamic drum room, it has a bright, energetic and clear sound. There are three isolation rooms including a 10’x8′ room suitable for guitarist/vocalists, as well as a 4’x8′ and 6’x9′ chamber. 14′ projection screen. Internet. Smoking is allowed. Accommodations can be arranged. Food, music venues, flea markets, tourist traps, bus routes and bike paths all in walking distance. 

By appointment only.